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Welcome to National Motor Supplies!


NMS is a family run business (see about us) and specialises in the distribution of compliant automotive, commercial, industrial, engineering and marine coatings with all associated products. We also distribute National Motor Products, our own brand of valeting and finishing products for personal and trade maintainance. From our portfolio of products including primers and our 20-07 Wasse Lacke clearcoat range, we can supply all you need.


We distribute our products to a large network of motor factors and bodyshops across the UK and in Ireland. We also provide goods to our local bodyshops and valeting companies through our motor factor business based at our warehouse in Redditch.


We deliver products by pallet, by next day courier and by van delivery to the locals in Redditch. 


We are the sole distributor of IVAT Coatings in the UK and Ireland. IVAT are based in Arezzo, Italy, and with an excellent range of products at competitive prices, is rapidly becoming a popular brand in the UK. For full information on IVAT and IVAT products click here.


Please note we sell exclusivly to Dingbro Ltd. in Scotland. See our About Us page for more details.


Please contact us for prices, queries and for catalogue requests.


This website features the full range of products available and essential technical data information. See our demos page for product demonstrations and our IVAT application video.

Commercial & Industrial Coatings

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