New HydroGraphics Range

Hydro Kelpie

HydroGraphics is an exciting and growing industry in the UK, however, the most sort after products are imported from America. Here at NMS we decided to fill in the gap and create our own UK based HydroGraphics Range. Our products have been tried and tested against the leading brands and come out on top for quality and value! A must try for all dippers out there!


About the Kelpie.... 

Our beautiful, fierce Water Kelpie… the range name and logo has more to it than meets the eye. The Water Kelpie lives in the lochs and rivers in Scotland and it’s often said takes the form of a wild horse. However, like an item ready to be dipped, it can shape shift in to anything to lure its prey back to the water. (Or back to doing lots more awesome dipping in our case!)

You can see stunning statues of Water Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland.


See below for product info and paint colours



The Products


An excellent HydroGraphic Film Activator for everyday use, great on tricky and dark films too, keeping colours crisp and blacks black. Notably a much cleaner product than the leading brands, less fumes and smell. And you need less product! Saving time and money! Great for beginners and Pros.

Click here for Tech Sheet. 

Kelpie Chameleon

A full range of stunning colour effect solvent paints, for use as a basecoat or in lacquer to create some show stopping candy lacquers. Use 1 : 0.8 with thinners.or add 5-10% to the lacquer.

Kelpie Clear

A fantastic, crystal clear, high gloss, durable mirror finish 2k lacquer. Useb 2:1, Fast curing with varying speeds of hardeners, to meet the needs of all body shops with or without ovens. Fine flow out, perfect finish, saves time and money! Tintable for candy lacquers.

Clck here for Standard Tech Sheet.

Click here for Bullet Tech Sheet

Click here for Bullet Xtra Tech Sheet

Kelpie Matt Clear

An excellent, durable 2k matt lacquer. Use 2:1:1. Also tintable for candy effect lacquer. Click here for Tech Sheet

Kelpie Intercoat

Coming soon...

Clear Basecoat binder available as an intercoat in the mean time.

Kelpie 1 Coat

A one product does all paint, spray directly to all surfaces including plastics. A high quality paint, adaptable texture to create desired finish, available in any colour. Use as a primer and overcoat with solvent or waterbase or use in any colour as your base colour before dipping with no need to prime first! 

Only thin coats required, this is a thick high quality paint with great coverage. No need to over spray it. Use less product - better value!

See standard colours below for easy ordering.

Click here for Tech Sheet. 

Kelpie 1 Coat Colours (custom mixes available) 

Frozen white
Mid Grey
Robin's Egg Blue
Mint Green
Bright Blue
Mid Blue
Light Orange
Dark Green
Dark Blue
Bright Green
Bright Light Blue
Bright Pink
Coarse Silver
Cherry Metallic
Metallic Green
Metallic Blue
Bronze Metallic
Bright Silver
Custom Metallic
Custom Solid
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*Colours shown are a guide, colours on your computer screen may appear different than the mixed paint. All colours are also available in solvent basecoat.


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Tech Sheets are freely downloadable for our customers. Pictures and material on this website are for NMS use only and should not be used without permission from NMS.

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