We sell solvent basecoat, commercial/industrial (1k & 2k full binder system) and waterbase systems.

For those interested in having the complete paint system, this will include the hardware, such as the mixing machine with all attachments, an Easy Colour briefcase containing 2,550 colour swatches in chromatic order, RAL colour fan, Micaceous Colour fan and IVAT computer software, plus the full range of tinters and Binders. We will also mix and dispatch individual colours and ancillary products to customers who do not require the complete system. Please call us for further information. Scroll down to see the waterbase system.

The IVAT Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial Paint System consists of 37 tinters: comprising of 30 solid colours, 2 aluminums and 5 base pearls (if required). It is a multipurpose system, with tinters that can be used with all the IVAT acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, synthetic and basecoat binders in line with the EU Directive



Through this binder system you can formulate many 1000’s of colours shown on our colorimetric software, and in addition, obtain corporate colours, through our technical team in the IVAT laboratory.


The software, includes the usual links for printing formulations, labels, health and safety and technical data sheets, it is also possible to interface the software with any Gibertini, Mettler and Sartorius scales.


Please see the extensive list of our available binders. In addition, see our example price guide for RAL colours and our very popular primers and thinners.

IVAT Paint Systems

Quosh Waterborne System


Waterborne System for car refinishing with APEO FREE acrylic resins. A new and unique technology. The reduced content of organic solvents enhances the ecological characteristics of this system, which is well below the maximum limits set by the EC Directive 2004/42.


The easy application and the very quick drying time of Quosh make this system the ideal choice for all motor factors and car bodyshops, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe because of its unique features. It is made of 65 tinters: 35 solids, 7 aluminiums, 1 graphite, 16 pearls, 4 xirallics and 4 auxiliaries. All Quosh tinters are ready to use and require only dilution.


Formulations can be easily found on the Color System Software. Through this software, you can also print formulas, labels, safety and technical data sheets. It is also possible to interface the software with any Gibertini, Mettler and Sartorius scales.


NEW! Bi-Power Accelerator/Hardener, an excellent new addition to the Quosh range, expediting the drying process for Waterbase paints.


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