A-Grade finishing Glaze

This non silicon polish is ideal for final finishing by hand or machine! After compounding, apply A-Grade to remove any fine misting or light swirls. Leaves a durable gloss finish which lasts many weeks. Excellent even on dark colours. Can be used on damp surfaces or in direct sunlight. No powder deposit. Also ideal for showroom work or for restoring dull paint work in one easy application.


Arguably the finest car polish in the UK!

*Highly recommended by our customers!

Medium Liquid Compound

To remove 1500 flatting marks and imperfections from cured 

paint work. To be used with a standard polishing machine with

 a medium to hard foam polishing head. Medium or fine compound is then applied for a non wax high gloss finish. 

A-Grade may then be applied for glazed protection. 


Medium compound, oil based, no water for lubrication 

required, no powder, no mess!

Coarse Liquid Compound

To remove 2000 flatting marks from fresh and cured paint work with a standard polishing machine, using a medium to hard foam mop head.

To remove light compound or swirl marks from paint surfaces 

and also to restore dull and oxidized paint to a mirror finish. No water required during application.

A-Grade polish may then be applied for a final protective glaze.


Coarse compound, oil based, no water for lubrication required, no powder, no mess!

Fine Liquid Compound

To remove light nib marks and to blend ‘edge to edge’ on 

fresh paint i.e. a ‘blow in’. It is particularly useful on dark, soft colours to remove stubborn very light misting on the paint surface . 

It will remove isolated nib marks on a large flat ‘dark’ surface, such as a bonnet, leaving a high gloss finish with no trace of repair. Applied by machine or by hand with equal 



Fine compound, oil based, no water for lubrication required, Amazing Mirror Finish!

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