Wax Rinse

Specially formulated additive for use in the final rinse stages of car washing, leaving the surface coating with a protective layer which repels water and dirt. Stays cleaner for longer, non silicone. Spray application.


Simply rinse your car and you have instant wax protection!

Traffic Film Remover

Removes traffic film from vehicle bodies and grease from engine compartments. Application by steam cleaner.

Traffic Film Remover - with wax

A mild traffic remover with wax ideally suited for cars standing on the showroom forecourt. Also for jet washing vehicles after body repairs prior to customer collection.

Concentrated Traffic Film Truck wash

A non-caustic, highly concentrated truck and chassis cleaner. Used through a jet wash. (Dilute as per instructions.)

Wash 'n' Wax

Concentrated car shampoo. A high foaming cleaner which helps to lift the dirt away, leaving a thin wax coating on the vehicle.

Car Wash & Pressure Cleaner Additives