Hard Surface Cleaner
Available in 5lt and 1lt

Concentrated cleaner for paint work (undiluted) for removing wax/silicon. Cleans all heavily soiled surfaces including fabric. Cuts through oil and grease. Effective fly remover. Additive to flatting water ensuring removal of silicones. Restores aluminium trailer surfaces as new! Can also be used as an alloy wheel cleaner (by spray & brush) undiluted.


A must for the body shop, removes silicone, oil and grease, flies, is a heavy duty shampoo and alloy wheel cleaner... What more do you need?!

Upholstery Low Foam Shampoo
Available in 5lt

Concentrated car shampoo. Ideally suited for use in a wet vacuum and extraction carpet cleaner. Cleans without excessive wetting or foam

Upholstery Shampoo
Available in 5lt

Upholstery Shampoo is used by hand to clean dash boards, vinyl and fabric upholstery. It can sometimes be used as an additive for washing the outside of vehicles.


A gentle shampoo with a fresh lemon scent!

Fabric Spot Remover
Available in 5lt

Spray to the effected upholstery, allow to soak and wipe away with a damp cloth for great results!