Rubber Bright

Formulated to leave a natural 'As New' appearance to rubber surfaces such as tyres & car black trim. Can be applied in wet conditions after washing or when dry.


Apply wet or dry, just spray on and leave the perfect finish...Job Done!


A non greasy gel which can be used for the interior or exterior. Leaves a high shine and natural finish and an apple scent, removing solvent odour. Simply apply to door panels or to your preference. Also contains cleaning agents.


A gel that restores leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces and with no grease!

Alloy Wheel Cleaner
Non Acidic

Used for cleaning heavily soiled wheels. It has excellent cleaning power without staining or marking. Use weekly on new lacquered and non lacquered wheels. Other uses: for removing fly marks from windscreen and front sections of your vehicles.


Excellent alloy wheel cleaner!

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Will lift ingrained brake dust from heavily soiled wheels and will remove rust, scale and oxidation from aluminium vehicle bodies. Also used for de rusting and phosphating steep parts prior to painting. To note: Ensure immediate rinsing with water to avoid staining wheels.


A concentrated acidic wheel cleaner, when used with care, is an excellent cleaner!

Rubber Klenze

Removes dried flatting water marks, polish residue and compound from plastic mouldings, such as door handles and grained bumpers. Also removes machine polish 'burn' marks on mouldings


Restores bleached bumpers to original colour. Apply by brush and allow to soak for 2 hours. Re-apply another coat and leave all day for original finish, lasts for 4 weeks.


Plastic mouldings, tyres, white flatting marks, tired bumpers...It does the lot!

Tar and Spot remover

Removes glue and tar deposits from exterior paint work.


It'll remove the stain but not the paint!

Wheels, Tyres & Plastic Mouldings


Available in 5lt and 1lt