Specialist Commercial & Industrial Coatings


A fantastic range specifically designed to save you time and money with exquisite high quality, durable finishes in 1k, 2k and Waterbase at very competitive prices. An excellent team in the Lab can actually develop specific and tailored products to suit your needs and spray conditions. Please see below and contact Jonathan for a personal consultation or for more info about our paints & products.

Direct Application Primer/Top Coats to all surfaces, anti-corrosive 1k, available in all gloss levels.


Perfect for: (Some of many examples)

Wood furnishings

Railings & metal works

Calliper Paint

Industrial coatings eg Painting machines, lifts, industrial casings.

Agricultural Coatings

An anti-rust primer to Iron - over paintable with 1k or 2k coatings.

Galvanised sheets, Steel, Aluminium & Hard plastic coatings

Chassis Painting

Marine coatings


Direct application to all surfaces, anti-corrosive and fast drying. Available in synthetic, vinyl and enamel finishes in matt, semi gloss and full gloss.



High durability and resistance against weather conditions. 

Varying speeds of thinner available to suit all jobs and spraying conditions.

Available in all colours including custom corporate colours. 





Direct Application to all surfaces, anti-corrosive 2k, available in all gloss levels.


Perfect for: (Some of many examples)

Coach/Bus Works

Marine Industry

Galvanised sheets, Steel, Aluminium & Hard plastic coatings

Chassis Painting

Commercial & Industrial casings

Milling machines 

Metal works


Direct Application to all surfaces, anti-corrosive, anti-scratch and oil resistant properties, enamel & ceramic finishes available in matt, semi gloss, full gloss and extra thick finishes.



Varying speeds of drying to suit all jobs & spraying conditions

Durable Ceramic/Enamel finish

Anti scratch

Available in all colours including custom corporate colours.


All at very competitive prices. Further discounts are available when ordering in bulk (eg 200lt at a time).  


There are many more specialist paints available and we will be happy to have a consultation with you to discuss your needs and potentially develop a product for you!

Direct Application anti-corrosive 1k Water.
An innovative product, leading the way for the future of cleaner, waterborne coatings


Perfect for: (Some of many examples)

Coating brake callipers, engine mountings & products in the engineering industries

Interior & exterior use

Aluminium, steel & galvanised surfaces

Agricultural coatings

Construction surfaces eg: Concrete, ceramics, masonry, piping & Steel gliders


Direct Application to the aforementioned surfaces with unique adhesion properties and fast drying capabilities (2-3 mins fash off before final coat applied!) Only 1 or 2 coats needed depending on surface and corrosive exposure. 



The future of industrial and commercial coatings is here!




This product is currently for bulk order only, and prices depend on your chosen colour. We can develop a specific company colour with you. However, there is a possibility to make smaller quantities of this product on site depending on your needs.



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